Thursday, September 12, 2013

WWII Museum pics

It was my dad's birthday on the 30th of August, and since he likes historical things so much, we went to the World War II museum.
I took pictures. :]

Here you go:

The next ones are posters and magazines in the United States/Japan downing one or the other.

This was sad... It goes with the picture to the left.

Um... I'm not sure how this became sideways, but if I remove it, it will create a huge to-do, so I'm just gonna leave it sideways...

Grenades, here, and that tall thing on the left is a grenade launcher.


This is kind of horrible... An American, the boyfriend of this lady, sent her the skull with which she's posing.... It's a Japanese skull.

People using a flamethrower.

I thought this was kind of amazing... Destruction... And someone walking by with a baby stroller.

Ok, yeah, we went to the Bob Hope section. I took some pictures there, and then we went back to the other sections... This is Bob Hope young and old dancing with his wife.

There was an Oriental who had walked in just before I.... I thought it was too perfect to deny taking a picture inconspicuously. :]