Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fan-fiction part two

Lizzy nodded. "Yes, you're amazing, and I'll probably be staring at you in awe in the very near future, but right now, all I want to know is where they took my brother." Skulduggery nodded, dropping his hand and simply saying, "Dublin."

Skulduggery and Valkyrie had debated a bit about bringing Lizzy. They thought it would be dangerous to leave her behind, but it would be just as dangerous to bring her. Finally, Lizzy had butted in, telling them she was coming and that was the end of that. Skulduggery shrugged and told her he and Valkyrie would wait outside. So Lizzy went to prepare herself. She put on her brown, leather jacket and army boots, attaching a sheath and dagger to her belt and sliding a small knife into her boot. She packed a change of clothes and several boxes of ammunition into a small backpack. Then put her rifle in a case and slung it over her shoulder. She was almost ready. She walked into her parents' room, giving each of them a hug. She looked at both of them closely, not wanting to forget the smallest freckle. "I'll be back..... Probably." She walked through her house slowly, looking at all the scuffs and scratches that she knew the story behind. She sighed. Then opened the door and walked outside into her wood, basking in the light from the rising sun that seeped through the leaves of the trees. She sucked in a great breath of pure, woodland air, took one last lingering look at her house, then, looking at Skulduggery, said, "I'm ready." 
The walk back to Skulduggery's 1954 Bentley R-type Continental, which was one of only 208 ever made, would take about 15 minutes. In that time, Lizzy decided, she would get a few answers. "How did you know Sanguine was in my house?" 
"We've known something was going on with Sanguine for a while now. Then people, fans of Derek Landy, actually, began disappearing," replied Valkyrie.
"So you guys know about Derek Landy?"
"Yeah, of course. He's sort of like another Gordon except less.... cuddly." Lizzy smiled. "Anyway," Skulduggery continued. "We cornered him last night and, at some point, a list fell off of him."
"A list?"
"Indeed, a list of names and locations. You were on it."
"So that explains how you knew where I was, but how did you know he was coming for me next?"
"My insane intuition."
"... I mean really."
"Actually, the names above yours were crossed out."
"Ahhh, that explains it." She smiled again, then thought of another question,  "Who is Sanguine working with or for?"
"We're not sure yet. We think Dusk. Maybe someone else, maybe others."
"Ok... well, do you know why they want people who know of Derek Landy's works?" Skulduggery glanced at Valkyrie and Lizzy looked at them looking at each other. Then Valkyrie slowly spoke, ".... We think they're using them for a couple of things. One, maybe to create an army of vampires. There seem to be more of them on the loose.... The other.... is for experiments. We found a.... a sort of abandoned lab. They..... they didn't clean up....." Lizzy froze. "They have Tom." 
"Yes, " Skulduggery continued. "And we think we know where they are." She began walking again. "But before that," he said. "We need to make a quick stop."
"A stop? Where at?"
"Adelaide, Australia."
"Ok... why do we need to go there?"
"My dear, may I just tell you, you ask an insanely large amount of questions?" 
"Oh, ok then....., we need to go there because there's one more person on the list. His name, as I recall, is Joseph."
"Joseph? You mean Hellboy??" She said worriedly. Skulduggery stopped walking, turned to Lizzy, put his hand on her shoulder, and sadly spoke, "I'm very sorry to be the one to tell you this, but Hellboy is a fictional character in a movie. He's not real." Lizzy just stood there for a moment staring at him, then slowly replied, "... Hellboy is Joseph's username."
".... Oh" Skulduggery removed his hand and walked on. Lizzy and Valkyrie looked at each other and couldn't help but laugh. Skulduggery turned around looking at them behind his sunglasses, his fingers tapping impatiently, making them laugh all the harder. He shook his head, muttering something about nothing being funny. The girls fell to their knees, laughing too hard to stand. They clutched their sides from the pain of it all. "What's going on here?" Said a new voice, coming from the edge of the woods. Lizzy glanced up through her tears to see a boy of about 17 with crazy brown hair walking up. Skulduggery shrugged, "I have no idea." They laughed more, almost deliriously, till finally,  Valkyrie wiped her eyes and said, "Oh, Fletcher you wouldn't get it."
"Why does everyone think I won't get stuff?"
"Because you can't, " she chuckled, standing up. "... Yeah, but I could always pretend I understood it..." She laughed, shaking her head.
"Anyway" Lizzy stood up too. "I'm Lizzy and I'm coming with you. By the way, I thought you had blond hair..."
"Nah, that's just how Derek described me, for some reason. Frankly, I have no idea why he thought he needed to change this perfect face at all." He through his head back and struck a pose, making Valkyrie roll her eyes and punch his arm. "Ow," he muttered. "Well, " spoke Skulduggery. "It seems the laughing bit is over, so we should probably depart to Adelaide."
"Right" Fletcher said, as he walked back out to the edge of the wood. It was there that Lizzy saw the most beautiful car in all of existence. "Wow" she mumbled. "I love your car, Skulduggery." He looked at her. "Not one scratch."
"Of course not..." she replied innocently.
Fletcher, impatient to teleport, put his left hand on the car and reached his right out to Valkyrie. Valkyrie took his hand and linked her other with Lizzy's, as Lizzy held Skulduggery's. An instant later Lizzy doubled over, sick. After a moment, it passed, and she glanced up to see she was no longer on the outskirts of her wood, but in the bustling city of Adelaide where she would meet Hellboy.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fan-fiction part one

There, standing 5 feet away from the bathroom door was....... Sanguine wearing his sunglasses in the nearly pitch black house, and he was texting. He glanced up. "Well, hello thar, darlin'."

Lizzy stared. Then she said, "Hi... You're in my house. You're not real, but you're in my house.... texting..."
"Yup! That's right! Well, except fer the not real part. That ain't true." He smiled. "I'm as real as you!" He finished his text, closed his phone and put it in his pocket. "And yer gonna have to come with me, I'm afraid."
Lizzy nodded. "Sure, just give one minute; I need to.... pack some underwear." The wooden floor beneath Sanguine fractured as he sank into it. Not a second later, he was standing inches behind Lizzy. "Nah, I don't think-" he was cut off as Lizzy slammed her elbow into his stomach. He doubled over, and Lizzy spun, smashing her knee into his chin.
Then she fled to her room, grabbing her pink rifle from it's case, checked that it was loaded, and ran to her parents' room. She couldn't see her hand in front of her face in there, but she knew where their bed was. "Mom? Dad?" Her hand found a shoulder and shook it. "Mom? Dad?" They didn't respond. They were either unconscious or dead. She wanted to turn on the light but she remembered she was being hunted by Sanguine and her brother, Tom, may still be in trouble. She calmed herself once more.
Sanguine yelled from somewhere in the house, "Hey! That hurt! You really shouldn't have made me angry!" Closer this time, he yelled again, "They wanted you alive, but I can tell them it was an accident. With all the other live ones I've brought, one dead won't hurt." Lizzy silently crept to the door, carefully glancing out. Sanguine wasn't in sight. Her brother's room was right next door. She took one step.
Sanguine's fist smashed into her side. Lizzy gasped, doubling over. Sanguine was behind her with his strait razor pressed to her neck. Before he could kill her, Lizzy asked, "What did you do to my parents?"
Sanguine smiled. "Don't worry, they ain't dead. I used a strong sedative. They'll be unconscious fer about a day then wake up, not rememberin' anything that happened for the past week or so." Lizzy tried struggling while he was distracted but it was to no avail. Sanguine tut-tutted muttering, "Don't you know it's impolite to struggle with the guy holding a razor to yer neck? Didn't yer parents ever teach you proper manners?"
"Actually, no, they never taught me to keep from struggling when someone holds a knife to my neck." Before he could reply, she spoke again, "And my brother? What did you do to him?"
Sanguine paused, then chuckled, "You know, I don't think I'll answer yer last question." A drop of blood ran down Lizzy's neck. A new voice, smooth as silk with an Irish accent remarked, "You really, probably don't want to do that, Sanguine. Of course, I don't know, maybe you'd like to die." A tall, very thin man wearing a long coat, scarf, sunglasses, and a fedora appeared beside Sanguine and Lizzy, holding a gun, pointed straight at Sanguine. Sanguine, with a high-pitched voiced, said, "That ain't possible! I could see all the entrances! How could you sneak up on me?"
"Simple, I'm a very sneaky person." Silence. "Ok, fine." Skulduggery raised his other hand, in it was a small orb. Sanguine cursed. "A cloaking sphere."
"Yes, so now that your pride has been mended, would you mind terribly unhanding miss Lizzy there?" The floor beneath Sanguine began crumbling. Skulduggery's foot shot out, hitting Sanguine's hand, making him release Lizzy, but Sanguine escaped sinking into the floor. Lizzy stumbled. Then yelled her brother's name, and ran into his room.
A second later, a dark-haired girl crashed through the opposite door breathing hard, and yelling, "Where is he?" Skulduggery looked at her, saying, "Oh, Sanguine, you mean? He just left. What took you so long, Valkyrie?" Valkyrie glared. "You left me to find the way in the woods, in the dark, while you flew!"
Lizzy came out of Tom's room. "He wasn't in there." Quietly, Skulduggery muttered, "I figured... Sanguine probably took him first and came back for you."  He extended his gloved hand, "I'm Skulduggery Pleasant, by the way, and this disorderly girl is Valkyrie," earning him another glare. Lizzy nodded. "Yes, you're amazing, and I'll probably be staring at you in awe in the very near future, but right now, all I want to know is where they took my brother." Skulduggery nodded, dropping his hand and simply saying, "Dublin."


Lizzy yawned. It had been a long day. She commented to her friends, Kallista, Skyril, and Hellboy, who were online at the time, that she had to go. She was weary. She closed her laptop, coating the room in darkness. The only light she had was a small one from the clock beside her bed. It read 11:33 P.M.. She yawned again, letting her eyes adjust to the sudden darkness. She crawled into bed, curling up, and falling instantly into sleep.

She scrambled up, trying to scream, but something was strangling her. She couldn't breathe. Lizzy pulled at whatever it was wrapped around her neck. It quickly gave way, letting her suck in an enormous breath. She started coughing and whimpering, shoving and pulling at her blankets, which was what had strangled her. She got out of her bed and fell against the wall, breathing and making herself calm down. She glanced at the clock with her green eyes, noticing the time to be 3:15 A.M. She'd been having a nightmare when she woke up. She couldn't remember what it was, though... Why couldn't she remember? She shook her head, forgetting about the nightmare entirely. Lizzy walked silently through the quiet house. She loved the silence. She didn't think she could survive out in a city. No, here in the woods was where she belonged. She loved her wood.
Lizzy walked into the bathroom, turning on the light as she did so. The light was bright; she closed her eyes for a minute. Then opened them, revealing herself in the mirror. She was tall and very thin. Her arms were sleek and muscular. Her brown hair was disheveled from her uneasy sleep. She sighed, checking her neck in the mirror. There were no marks.
She went to turn on the water faucet when she heard something. A very small... vibrating sound? Lizzy cocked her head slightly, listening closely. It stopped. Then it stared again. Then there was a... sigh somewhere outside the room and.... clicking.... Lizzy shook her head and turned the light off to let her eyes adjust to darkness again. Then, slowly, opened the door and peered out. There, standing 5 feet away from the bathroom door was....... Sanguine wearing his sunglasses in the nearly pitch black house, and he was texting. He glanced up. "Well, hello thar, darlin'."

Just a note- This is real, mixed with fake, mixed with my imagination. :] You get decide which is which.