Thursday, March 10, 2011


Lizzy yawned. It had been a long day. She commented to her friends, Kallista, Skyril, and Hellboy, who were online at the time, that she had to go. She was weary. She closed her laptop, coating the room in darkness. The only light she had was a small one from the clock beside her bed. It read 11:33 P.M.. She yawned again, letting her eyes adjust to the sudden darkness. She crawled into bed, curling up, and falling instantly into sleep.

She scrambled up, trying to scream, but something was strangling her. She couldn't breathe. Lizzy pulled at whatever it was wrapped around her neck. It quickly gave way, letting her suck in an enormous breath. She started coughing and whimpering, shoving and pulling at her blankets, which was what had strangled her. She got out of her bed and fell against the wall, breathing and making herself calm down. She glanced at the clock with her green eyes, noticing the time to be 3:15 A.M. She'd been having a nightmare when she woke up. She couldn't remember what it was, though... Why couldn't she remember? She shook her head, forgetting about the nightmare entirely. Lizzy walked silently through the quiet house. She loved the silence. She didn't think she could survive out in a city. No, here in the woods was where she belonged. She loved her wood.
Lizzy walked into the bathroom, turning on the light as she did so. The light was bright; she closed her eyes for a minute. Then opened them, revealing herself in the mirror. She was tall and very thin. Her arms were sleek and muscular. Her brown hair was disheveled from her uneasy sleep. She sighed, checking her neck in the mirror. There were no marks.
She went to turn on the water faucet when she heard something. A very small... vibrating sound? Lizzy cocked her head slightly, listening closely. It stopped. Then it stared again. Then there was a... sigh somewhere outside the room and.... clicking.... Lizzy shook her head and turned the light off to let her eyes adjust to darkness again. Then, slowly, opened the door and peered out. There, standing 5 feet away from the bathroom door was....... Sanguine wearing his sunglasses in the nearly pitch black house, and he was texting. He glanced up. "Well, hello thar, darlin'."

Just a note- This is real, mixed with fake, mixed with my imagination. :] You get decide which is which.

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