Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July Birthday Part 5/8ths

Happy birthday guys! So only Hellboy and Niall among the five of you told me to post this ahead of time, but I couldn't get a hold of the rest of you, no matter my extreme efforts, [eyes them crazilly] then a fellow with a mustache came up to me and told me he was not Niall, his birthday was in July, and he wanted me to post it. So what could I possibly do but post, I ask? Besides, the Queen ordered it. This was necessary. ~nods~
So enjoy! :D

Lithia Rancor delicately placed a miniature Reese's cup on the exact center of her tongue, sealing it in behind her lips. She glanced back through the grate separating her from most of her quintessence. Bags and bags of bags filled with miniature Reese's cups occupied every available space. The edge of her darkened mouth curled up in a smile of near drunken debauchery. She popped another one into her mouth before turning her focus back to driving as the red light ahead blinked to green.
It was about time her guests had gotten out, so she figured she'd best get back home to greet them. She very much hoped they had enjoyed the little surprises she'd left with them, seeing as she did put much time and thought into each one. Although, one was yet to be sprung, Lithia knew it wouldn't likely be very long now. By the time she got home, in fact, the group of them would surely have taken care of that little fellow. 
She momentarily pondered if any of her guests would be seriously injured when she arrived, but discarded the thought after a moment. The surprises she had set up were to be difficult, but not life threatening. Besides, it would be quite unacceptable if they were hurt badly, for then she'd not have the pleasure of revealing her motives and plans of their imminent demise through her genius plot to a coherent bunch, as all good villains must do before killing their victims off.
Villain, you ask? Yes, well, Lithia didn't actually consider herself a villain, but the deeds she was deviously doing were rather villainous, so perhaps she was one after all, and she was never necessarily one of the good guys on the nice side, anyway. She almost shrugged, but decided that would be a waste of energy that she could better use plopping a Reese's into her mouth.
No, she was not on the Sancutary's side. After all, most of her victi- I mean guests were on the side of the light, and that would do her no good. The good side wasn't all that good anyway so why not join the dark side? The dark side has Reese's cups!
The more she thought about her plans the more her red eyes sparkled. Lithia just couldn't wait to set her final plans into motion! Indeed, this was going to be the equivalent of what most people called "fun."


  1. LOL I LOVE HER! Shes an excellent villian Skyril and YOU are a MASTER writer! Fantastic job my friend! :D
    Love the little bit you added above your story. ;P
    *hugs her*
    You are awesome. You know that right?

  2. lol, Kallista! Thank you! :D
    And no, YOU are awesome!
    ~nods again~

  3. Hahaha epic xD

    I loved the Reeses cups part. And the 'Rancor' and Come to the dark side, we have Reese's cups' references were well appreciated :D

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