Saturday, May 5, 2012


So, Kal and I were talking about rants the other day, but I'm not really good at ranting and laying it all out there... So I wrote a rather terrible and vague poem instead xD
Despite what any reads this may think, I'm ok. I was just feeling depressed. And this poem is actually about more than one thing and more than one person in case you thought I was specifically... specifying someone....
Again, don't worry! It was night right before I fell asleep that I wrote this, and I almost always get depressed around that time xD

A snarl and huff and a puff
She breathes, but it's tough
Her body aches, but her mind is lost
So this is what her choice has cost
What a cruel pitch of fate
What a way to come by hate
How could it be for things like these
She wouldn't have guessed she'd be tossed to the seas
Shaking, swaying, going with the waves
So this is life outside the caves
At least she knows now
She knows it's futile to bow
Forgive? Oh, please
Just listen to the seas
Rocking, pitching, tossing about
How could you not be full of doubt?
Shut up! I beg you!
Everything I said was true!
Why would you ask?
I never wore a mask!
You know! You all know it all!
I won't lie down and bawl
Not anymore...
What did I say that for?
I know it's a lie
For weak is the Sky
The Sky you know,
She quickly falls low
And weak is the Sky that none have seen
She needs such strength to merely lean
And she's tired
Burning faster than fire
She's falling
And no one's calling
She's reaching a hand
But no one pulls her to land
And she just doesn't understand.
She's lost
But that's what her choices have cost.

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  1. *hugs Skyril and pulls her to land*
    This is BRILLIANT and wonderful Skyril. It's gripping, sad, yet beautiful! Once again I have been delighted by a Skyril poem! Even Skyril rants are genius! XD
    I'm glad you posted this!