Friday, July 15, 2011

What Makes You Happy?

Someone I Watch on devientart asked everyone a question in her diary. This is how I responded :]

Hmmm, what gives me cheer?
Well, I'll tell you, My Friend,
The answer is actually quite clear,
But to find out, a little time you'll have to expend.

What makes me glad,
Is when my friends are full of joy,
When they laugh, I'm not even a little sad!
It's just so great when no one even annoys.

Also, when the color of a mulberry
Is splashed across an orange sky
And out flies a magic woodland fairy,
Just as a soft breeze appears with a sigh!

Or when I write something fun,
Like a birthday present for a loved one..
Like a story about a crazy expression!
Or a poetic answer to someone's question!

I love it when I get to feed a stray kitten,
Because I'm happy with many various little things,
Like if I bring laughter to someone through something I've written
Or when I go and see and join in at church as everyone sings

God has given so many blessings to me
All of my great friends and family for one,
And all of this precious world I see
Plus this little talent of writing is incredibly fun!

I tag everyone who has read this to also answer the question in their own personal way and post it on your blog!


  1. FTW!!!!
    EPICA Skyril! You also have a beautiful and wonderful with words! Time an d tim eagain I am moved by your poems and swept awya by your writings. You are one of th eepica people who inspires me and causes me to dear to dream!
    You and your writings are l ike a priceless gift!
    Thank you for this beautiful poem!
    *hugs her*

  2. So sweet and epica Skyril! There's no way I can top Kallista's comment. I agree wholeheartedly with it!

    *hugs Skyril*

  3. Lovely poem, Skyril!

    Hmmm...what makes me happy?

    When everyone I love is happy!
    Also being curled up in a blanket on a cold Winter night drinking hot chocolate! (I know that sounds cheesy... :P )
    Also when I get up early and watch the sun rise over the valley I live at the edge at- the mist rises from it at dawn!

    And everyone's poems and stories make me happy!


  4. Awesome, Skyril!!
    It's a really sweet and true poem.

    What makes me happy?

    Laughing with friends, rainbows, sunsets when the sun goes down behind trees and the sky is red and your surroundings get all dim and dark but there's still a sliver of light left in the sky...

    This poem! I love happy poems! A happy poem makes everyone else happy!

  5. I wrote one of these! A couple of months ago- to cheer me up during the exams :P I must say though, yours is by far superior :D

    YAY! For happy things! :D

    It's an awesomesauce poem :D