Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Living Skeleton

  Henry's mouth hung open as he stared at Skulduggery. Skulduggery looked back at him, unmoving, but it was already too late. "You-... You're... You're a skeleton..."
Skulduggery shrugged, and Henry jumped back in surprise. Skulduggery made a sound like he was clearing his throat awkwardly and replied, "Yes, yes I am, actually."
  Henry stared, his mouth, once again, agape, "No, no way. You must be... you're a... I know! You're animated, right? You're... you're like a Halloween decoration... right?"
Skulduggery paused for a moment, then lifted his arms in robotic fashion. When he spoke, his voice was devoid of emotion as he tried his best to be a robot "You... caught me... Henry. Good... job..."
  Henry slowly shut his mouth, and he put on his most intimidating withering glare. Skulduggery kept up the act for a minute more before he gave up, dropping his arms to his sides.
"Ok, no, I am not Halloween decoration, and may I just say, thank you so very much for demeaning my character." He straitened his tie and stood a little taller.
  That's when Henry started asking questions, and Skulduggery began explaining the world of magic.