Friday, July 13, 2012

Preview of a story

  She looked at the two of them, disgust showing on her face. They were so little, so insignificant, and yet they were the cause of all this catastrophe. How could humans so very tiny and unimporant be this evil and destructive?
  Perhaps they were posessed by demons, or maybe the two of them with their little minion basked in hatred, disdain, and disgust? Maybe they just loved to get the compassion of the people, by trying to make the solely innocent look dreadfully guilty.
  Unable to decide amongst the three possibilities, she decided the answer was all of them. Well, she thought wistfully, I wonder when their punishment shall befall them? I must say, I'm going to enjoy it.
  As she continued to look upon their little games and mockery of innocence, she saw a few walk up and stand awkwardly between them, and another group, the group that was truly innocent but for childish teasing and playfullness. Ah,thought she, the ones who can't decide. The ones who remain in between. Shame those few can't ever be involved in the real fun of the innocent group, the secret fun only they know about. Indeed, they can look upon them and chatter like they belong, but unfortunately it shan't be complete honesty. They attempt to remain on both sides, or perhaps it is neither... Either way, they think since nothing destructive has been done to them personally- that they shall get out free. Alas, they cannot have the best of both worlds when the worlds are so immensely different, separate, opposite, light and dark.
  She shook her head in disbelief as she saw a few defending the evil two's actions. She wondered how that could possibly be, and decided that some humans were just and simply dumb.
  She watched for a long time, learning the ways of each group. When she finally stopped, she knew the truths and the lies, knew the powers and the peasants, knew the hairs on the head of each, and she was going to enjoy having her fun with them.

Author's note
I wrote this when I was kind of half asleep... So sorry if it's not very good, but what do you think of it so far? It's sort of a preview of a story that has been on the edge of my mind, and I've only just discovered :P

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