Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fan fiction part five

Author's note
Well, I was  planning on getting into something in this part, but it is getting to be a good size and you are all asking me to post, and I am anxious to post it since I think this one's pretty cool... So I'm posting it here! :]
Hope you like it!
Oh, and this is
Mordoc's rapier
You'll find out who that is along and along. :]

Skulduggery ignored them entirely, starting up the car. Then they were driving on the path to their enemies.
And directly into the trap set up specifically for them.

The plan was beautiful in it's simplicity. Mordoc grinned with malice at the thought of the coming battle. He wouldn't fail his master, Dusk. Dusk had made him the vampire he was now, and Mordoc was ever so grateful. He would serve Dusk well and repay his debt. He would capture those insolent scoundrels who refused Dusk the loyalty he deserved. Oh how Mordoc hated them. But he couldn't kill them. No, Dusk didn't want that. Dusk had his plans for them. 
Mordoc drew his rapier from it's scabbard. The wretch kneeling in the shadows next to him looked on, terrified, as Mordoc stepped forward and slashed his throat. The poor man's mouth hung open in shock, wondering what he'd done wrong. The chalk white of Mordoc's armor, a stark contrast to that of his black as death hair, was splattered with the red from the blood of the gurgling man below him, drowning in his own blood. 
Mordoc's lip curled with disgust at the man, for he had shifted his weight to gain a bit more comfort in the cold shadows of the hard, unyielding, and dismal warehouse. His movement created the slightest sound, which could not be made once the victims of Mordoc's trap arrived. He kicked the already dead man to satisfy his nearly unrelenting rage and drifted as silent as a ghost back into the shadows to await  his guests.


Lizzy sat between her friends in the Bentley. She glanced at Joe, or Israel as he thought he should be called for safety since there really was magic in the world. His eyes were closed, but his head was up. It looked like he was focusing deeply. She smiled. He was trying to do magic. Not just any magic, it was his magic he was trying to do. She hoped he succeeded. She looked over at Mar, who had turned into a chipmunk and lay curled and sleeping in her frying pan. She chuckled but quietly so as not to disturb her.
The car slowed down. "We're here," muttered Skulduggery. Lizzy looked out the windows to see an old warehouse building with graffiti covering it's walls. He pulled the vehicle to a total stop in the dusty, barren dirt outside of this deserted building and got out, Valkyrie doing the same.
Israel looked up, a bit distracted. Lizzy went to pat the little chipmunk Mar awake, but before she could, Mar-munk  jumped up at the ready with her big chipmunk teeth barred. She squeaked calmly after she saw who it was and stood up to look outside the window. Lizzy took that to mean, "Oh, it's only you.... Where are we?" So she told her. "We're here." Mar-munk gave her a withering gaze. "And by 'here,' I mean the warehouse at which Skulduggery says Dusk, and whomever else involved, is."
Mar-munk stared for a moment, gave a slight nod,chattered at the door, paused for a moment, then chattered a question at Lizzy, which she took to mean, "Why do doors not have a chipmunk sized door-handle? I need to invent that! It shall be the greatest invention of the decade! I'm a genius!.... Well, Lizzy, why haven't you opened it for me yet?"
Lizzy grinned, opening the door. Mar-munk nodded and hopped onto her shoulder. The three of them climbed out, standing for a moment before asking Skulduggery the plan.
"The plan?"
"Yes..., you know, the thing you decide to do before you're standing in front of the problem at hand...?" Replied Lizzy.
"Ah yes..., the plan. I thought you, um, said something else...." she raised her eyebrows at him, an indication to continue with the answer to her question. "Well... the plan is....," he spoke slowly, obviously stalling. Valkyrie interrupted, sighing, "Let's just go in, shall we?"
"Yes," Skulduggery said, grateful for being rescued from having to think of a plan himself. "That's exactly what I was about to say my plan was! Although, more amazing, of course. " He patted Valkyrie's head. "But good try." And off he sauntered.
They rolled their eyes and followed him, approaching the old, wooden, termite-infested door. They stood at the ready, preparing to barge in guns blazing, so to speak. Skulduggery and Valkyrie stood on either side of the door. Lizzy, with Mar-munk on her shoulder, stood behind Skulduggery, and Israel, still looking slightly confused with his forehead scrunched in thought, stood beside Valkyrie.
Skulduggery held up three fingers.
Israel shook his head slightly.
Two fingers
Israel whispered too quietly to hear, "Something's not right..."
One finger.
"We shouldn't be doing this!"
And in Skulduggery barged, flame in his hand, and what he saw was.... nothing. There was nothing and nobody there. It was completely empty. Even the light was fragile as it attempted to enter throught the grime covered windows, high in the walls.
"Well that's disappointing...," muttered Skulduggery. Israel looked in, surprised, "I could've sworn.... Oh well." He shrugged, a small sigh of relief escaping his mouth. They all walked in further, Skulduggery letting his fire go out, and looking for any traces of life.
But his search was for naught. There was no life besides their own group and the small creeping bugs that made themselves rather comfortable homes in that old warehouse. No, no life.
Only vampires. And down they gracefully leaped through the many well hidden openings from the ram shackled second floor, surrounding them within moments.
Last to fall, Lizzy noticed, was a tall, thin man wearing armor, white as a pearl's glimmer but for a splattering of red, possibly blood, at the bottom. His hair was black as a moonless night's sky and slicked back.
He laughed, but it wasn't a normal laugh you might hear anywhere. It was an awful laugh. Not one expressed out of humor. Rather, one expressed from the thought of certain terrible and horrible things to come. It sent shivers up and down Lizzy's back.
One simple laugh from this man, and she was terror-struck.


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