Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rather Short, Short Story

Before I get into it, I have been working on my fan-fic and hope to have it up soon. :]

This is just a random little fiction short story I wrote earlier today. It has nothing to do with fan-fiction of any sort.
Oh, and this is based on one of you folks, and I bet each and everyone one of you can guess who it is. :]
It's a bit depressing, and I'd never want this to happen to that person, but I was doing one of those character sketch paragraphs.
[hm was that a run-on?]
Anyway, it turned into this!

She was such a kind girl.
As she helped to shovel the snow, sweat glistened on her gentle, yet determined forehead. Her brown, curly hair tumbled before her eyes. She drove the shovel into the frigid snow, tossing her hair back and resting an arm upon the long, dark brown handle of her tool. She rested there a minute, her muscles already beginning to ache. She looked up at the sound of laughter to see some small children playing across the street. A warm smile grew from her heart and showed itself upon her lips. She loved children.
One child, little more than a toddler, stumbled out onto the road, thinking it great fun. no one else had noticed. A truck rumbled around the corner. The girl's smile fell, immediately replaced by a determined frown. Without a thought, her feet flew, and she was running, running faster than she'd ever run before. The child stared at her, confused and frightened. The driver finally looked up, seeing them. He slammed on the brakes. The truck screeched, and his head whacked the steering wheel, instantly drawing blood. The girl shoved the child out of the truck's deadly path, but it was already too late for her. The truck hit her and stopped abruptly. The driver jumped out, praying that the brave, beautiful girl was still alive, but her eyes were already losing their vibrant, cheery life.
Thinking of her family and friends, she died that day content.
A smile was playing upon the edges of her mouth.
She had succeeded.
Her eyes closed.
Time to go home.


  1. Brilliant Skyril!!! I'm guessing either Skylara or Lizzy. Umm, or Skulgirl. MAybe MAr?
    Sorry. I think it' sone of those. I am ashamed I'm not clear who it is.
    But your writing is fantastic Skyril! Love it!

  2. Very nice Skyril! a tad bit morbid, but i like it! masterful writing as usual :)

  3. Hahaha, Kallista, don't be ashamed. I was actually wondering if you would get it.
    It's you! :]

    And thank you very much! :]

  4. 0.0


    *jumps in front of Kal*

    It's great, Skyril!

    Really reflects her kind heart...



    and lets not talk about Kallista dying again

    everyone likes Kallista and hopefully this wont happen to her


  6. Well, of course not! :]

    Just a fiction based off of her. :]

  7. I knew who it was! Just like her... but I really hope that doesn't happen. :-( :-( :-(

  8. :D perfectly reflects Kal's kind heart. Awesomely written, too.

  9. It's perfect! I knew it was Kallista straight off! Very nicely written! EPICA!

  10. Awww! Skyril! the descriptions were epic but the end was ever so sad.
    I was also wondering by the description who it was, but the kindness the girl showed was deffinatly an indicator of kal ;) Epica Skyril!

    Your ever so good at descriptions! can i please haz lessons *takes out pen and paper*

  11. THAT WAS AWESOME!! And I thought it was Kallista! :) Brilliant writing, Skyril! It's addictive :D