Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Short story... part one

Author's note
This is a "short story" fan-fic I've been working on that seems to be developing into something bigger than a short story. lol
So this is short story part one. I'm going to continue my other fan-fic, of course, but this is what I write in between fan-fic parts  :]
Hope you enjoy it!

A new mission. The Sanctuary had called in moments ago. It would be good pay. He went over the facts once again in his head. He wanted to have a clear mind before calling in his second-hand man then, later, briefing his men.
They were to rescue a girl from the depths of a castle guarded by the soldiers of an important man. He grinned at the man's name, for it was Ehan Aahil, meaning "Full Moon Prince".
A vampire. Certainly.
Ehan had attempted to dabble in the business of the Sanctuary. They had flat out denied him access to anything at all on the account of him being an Egyptian Sanctuary agent and having no right to touch a fleck of dust upon the Irish Sanctuary's vacuum cleaner, let alone top secret documents of state. So Ehan had gotten angry and captured this girl. Marian, her name was.
He'd known a Marian once. So long ago. He thought about her for a moment, lost in those few short, sweet memories. Then turned his attention back to the problem at hand.
Apparently this Marian was the daughter of someone the Sanctuary wanted to be friends with. Another important person. He sighed wearily, running his callused hand through his hair. He didn't like the important people. Didn't even pay them a thought unless he had to. No, those "high ups" weren't his type. He gave his precious notice to the small people, the good people, the people who could walk through any building and not be seen by anyone else. Those people he liked. And they liked him. But the mission was usually about the other people. They were the ones who caused trouble. Or got themselves in trouble with other troublemakers.
He shrugged with the thought, "Good pay."
So, this Marian had gotten herself captured in a highly guarded castle on the outskirts of Egypt because Ehan wanted more power. He sighed absently once again and called in John.


John headed for his leader's dormitory immediately when he was called. John was his most loyal follower, and he had been for a very long time. He was proud to be. And he was quite proud he was thought of as his leader's second-hand man. When John entered the room, he ducked slightly to keep his head from hitting the doorpost. John was a bit of a giant. The room was rather dim today. Usually his leader let the glorious light of the sun he loved so much pour in through the many windows in the room, but today, they were all closed and covered. The only light came from the lamp upon his desk. John looked at his leader, wondering what may be amiss. 
The man sat casually reclined in the chair behind his desk. His shoulders were broad. His deep brown hair was tousled as always, with a few streaks of gray growing in. His fingers formed a steeple on his his chest, and his tan face was creased with a frown.
John thought they might have gotten a new mission. He sometimes frowned like that when he was pondering one. he wondered if would be a tough job. It didn't matter, though, for John would fight with him anywhere. This man was John's leader, his most trusted ally, and his best friend. This man was Robin Hood.


John entered the room quietly, waiting for Robin to speak. John often reminded Robin of a bear with his wild black, choppy hair, his grizzly chin, and his mad roar in battle. He was a good man, though, one of the best. They'd been fighting side by side for an awfully long time, saving each other's life on more than one occasion. They might as well be brothers. The rest of the boys from their band in the old days had either died or left, seeking a respite from all the fighting and defending. Mostly, the former was accurate. Robin sighed from all his thoughts and leaned forward, placing his elbows on the fine wood desk, dismissing those dark memories, and focusing on the matters at hand instead.
"Well, John, we have a new task to complete. It seems it may be a difficult one." He explained it to him thoroughly, with much detail. John mostly just sat and listened. Although at times, he would ask a question or point something out.
Finally, they were both satisfied with their information of the mission and began brainstorming a plan of attack.
Or, as the case may be, a sneak attack.


    Exceptional writing Skyril! Wonderfuly descriptive! Genius story idea, my friend!

  2. Yaay! Thank you, Kallista! :]

  3. Amazing! It caught me off guard. I wasn't expecting this at all! But looking back it all makes perfect sense.

    Well done!!!!

  4. :D Awesome! And epic idea, having Robin Hood apart of the magical community.

    Great work :]


  6. Awesome Skyril! It was beautifully written. If I had any socks on, this story would be rocking them off xD

  7. *screams*


  8. fwa~! like magic! *jazz hands*

    I must say, when it was revealed that he was Robin Hood, i said "no way!" out loud, mind you i said it around a spoon, so it was a bit garbled, but i still said it ^^ This is a epica story and i can't wait for MOAR! *rages* POST MORE NOW!

    sorry i took so long to comment ^^;