Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fan fiction part four

Author's note 
First off, don't ask about the text. I'm sure it's gone loony again xD
Second... umm off... Hellboy's knife, for future reference, 
And third, sorry it took so long! Hope you like it! And some real action should be in the next part.  :]

Lizzy stared at him. "Hellboy?"
"Ummm... yeah...?"
"Well, that was easy," muttered Skulduggery cheerily.

"How do you even know my username?" Questioned Joe. "Did Steve set you up to this?"
No, no, Hellboy, I mean Joseph, I'm Lizzy!"
"Oh yeah riiiight. Thought you'd just take a plane over here real quick, did you?"
"Actually no... Fletcher brought us over." He laughed, completely believing this was some joke set up for his benefit. "Yeah, I'm sure that's exactly what happened. And I suppose this fellow, " he indicated Skulduggery, "Is supposed to be the famed detective ay?" He shook his head, humored. "You tell Steve, for me that this was rather enjoyable."
"Seriously! He really is Skulduggery! And this girl here, is Mar!"
Mar, who was chattering irritably with Valkyrie about Sanguine, glanced up when her name was spoken. "Oh right, nice to meet you in person! You wouldn't happen to have a frying pan on you, would you? I left mine at home." She frowned sadly at the loss of her trusty frying pan.
"Wow Steve knows more about these guys then I thought he did! That's interesting. Look at that! You even have a rifle case!" He shook his head in wonder.
Lizzy sighed. "Skulduggery, would you mind"
"Mind what?"
She made a 'take off you scarf 'gesture. "Oh." He stepped closer to a nearby tree to hide from any possible viewers and pulled his scarf down, revealing a middle aged man with sand colored hair. Joe laughed. "Well, I'm going to have to go now, but really lovely joke." Skulduggery tilted his a head a tad in confusion. "Skulduggery! Your facade is on!"
"It is? Now how did I forget about that? Hmm" He touched either side of his collarbone, making the facade sink back into the symbols there. "Joseph! look!" He turned around, a smile on his face, and saw Skulduggery. The smile fell into surprise. "How... how do you do that? Why does he look like a skeleton?"
"Because I am one, obviously."
"I don't believe it."
Lizzy thought for a moment while Joe, thinking, looked around at everyone.  She'd gotten an idea. "I know how to prove it to you!"
She spun around, swinging her arms out broadly in indication of the Bentley.
 Joe stared on in shock. "It's... it's the Bentley! She's amazing!" His hand ran through his hair. "It's really all true! How.... how could I have never found out before?"
"You're probably just dumb," said Fletcher, shrugging, after he appeared in tree. Valkyrie and Lizzy glared at him. "Oh yeah, " he said, "but my name isn't actually Fletcher. That's just a nickname!" He disappeared from the tree and was standing next to Joe. "For some reason, no one likes my real name! Can you even comprehend that?"
"Now, now, Fletcher, " Valkyrie spoke anxiously while walking towards him with her arms stretched out reassuringly. "There's really no need to get into that."
"Why don't you like my name? It's awesome!" he appeared behind, Valkyrie a moment before she reached him. "Ok," mumble Mar, "I want to hear this now!"
"That girl wants to hear my name! I should tell her..."
Skulduggery sighed. "Valkyrie, you may as well let him do it. It's only going to hurt him."
"Ha!" Fletcher poofed to a foot in front of Valkyrie. "Skulduggery even agrees with me!" She made a mad grab for him, but he was gone again, sitting relaxed up in the tree. He stood up on the limb, spread his arms wide and yelled, "My name is Flirtatious Fluke!"
Valkyrie facepalmed.
The couple on the bench stared at him for a moment, then got up and hurried away.
Mar and Joe could hardly contain their laughter. "Oh yeah, " Joe snickered. "That's a marvelous... a marvelous name..." He turned around with a smile spreading wider than he thought possible. He tried to keep himself from laughing out loud. Mar just fell to the ground and rolled in the dirt, laughing her heart out.
"I don't get." Fletcher frowned, standing over Mar. "What did I miss? What's so funny?" Skulduggery patted his shoulder reassuringly. "Don't worry. You miss a lot of things." Fletcher grinned, cheered. Skulduggery walked away. His grin dropped. "Hey!"


The group decided to drive back to Joe's house before doing anything else. Joe got to pick up a few things, namely his knife and backpack with a few changes of clothes and some other, miscellaneous things. He also asked/told his parents that he was going to be having a sleep over at a friend's house for a few days. They had not wanted him to go at first, asking many questions. Joe had replied with several vague statements such as, "Oh you know who he is!... He's that friend of mine!" or "Where's his house? It's umm... in Australia...." Then he would smile, trying to leave before they asked another question. It took a bit of convincing, but finally he left, running to the car and jumping in.
Lizzy was laughing. She shook her head at Mar. Mar was sitting their with a mischievous grin. She held a frying pan and swung it around, just barely missing Joe with one particular swipe. "Hm pretty good balance."
"Oi!" Joe had recognized it. "You've stolen our frying pan!"
"What? Uhh no..., I just... borrowed it." She smiled. He shook his head at her, wondering how she'd even been able to sneak in and out without them noticing.
"Ok, " said Skulduggery, glancing back. "Are all of you disorderly children in the vehicle?" Fletcher appeared beside the car. Then they were in Dublin.
"Oh... never mind... You didn't answer fast enough."
The three of them groaned with sickness.
Skulduggery ignored them entirely, starting up the car. Then they were driving on the path to their enemies.
And directly into the trap set up specifically for them.


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