Sunday, June 5, 2011

Betrayer Forgiven

Don't you like the word incognito?
I like that word...
It reminds me of someone,
But I can't remember who....

Oh, she cried
Oh, she sighed

Would she ever be the same?
Could she even say his name?

No, she Would not
And no, she Could not

He had left her all alone there,
Left to cry and sigh and moan there.

Left to think about the past they'd shared.
Did she think he'd ever even cared?

Yes, she had.
Oh, how sad.

How could she be that naive?
Did she really think he wouldn't leave?

No, she knew he would.
To settle down, he never could.

Alas, to him she'd given her trust,
And now he's left her in the dust

"But," she told herself, "Not again!"
She'd fall no more to the lies of men!

He was gone.
She'd move on.

Her eyes still wet, she shaky stood.
Her mind was sharp, her heart was good.

Anger there was non-existent,
For she knew he would be penitent

So she lit a light and cooked a meal
She knew her wounds would eventually heal

To God's Word she will indeed listen
Yes, the Betrayer will be forgiven

And on this night, and nights there after,
She'll pray to God for his health and laughter


    EPICA Skyril! I love it! Very beautifully written and I love the message.
    I love the way your poem flows. You have a wonderful and delightful way of writing.
    Thanks for posting! BRAVO!!!!

  2. I love this. Nicely put message of strength! Great job, Skyril.

  3. I'm really glad you liked it, Kallista. :]

  4. Yay! Glad you liked it too, Ann! :3

  5. Superb! Great to see my advise in action! The poem flows brilliantly and is unobstructed by the rhyme. The subject of the poem is amazing and the language used to describe it is just divine. You have effectively put across the message in a very beautiful and delightful way.

    An EPICA poem. Bravo!

    *waits for more poems*