Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gothic Storm

By the way, it's not about a song. I just threw that last line in there... I don't even know of there is a song called that :P
I actually wanted to say "Radioactive Decay" because that sounds so epica, and more gothic-y, but it didn't flow very well... so I put in the name of the rhyme instead :]

Moaning wind
Weeping skies
What a delightful day!

Her black lips twitch
An almost smile
At the roar of thunder out there

Lightening flashes
Lights flicker
Excitement flares deep down

The Goth Girl stands
And leaves the room
To venture into her storm

She creeps outside
She lay in it's midst.
She gazes at chaos, almost with pride.

Thunder does boom!
Rain does lash!
Lightening bedazzles her eyes!

Goth Girl watches all
With some satisfaction
Ah, the Queen of the Tempests!

Alas, the rain slows!
It comes to stop,
And clouds begin to dissipate

So away scampers she
To wait for more rain
Headphones a-playing, "The Gothic Storm"


    LOVE IT!
    This is wonderful and excellent Skyril!
    Very exciting to read!

  2. Yay! Thanks, Kallista! :D

  3. :D Awesome! A great descriptive piece. I 'specially liked "She gazes at chaos, almost with pride."

  4. wow! I can really see it happening!

    great poem, Skyril!


  5. This poem makes me grin. I can remember being that delighted with a storm... it's been a while. I mean, it's still there, a little bit, but it gets overruled by the part of me that hates to get wet.

    I'm old. Thank you for reminding me of that feeling of joy and excitement. Maybe I'll indulge it, next time.