Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fallen yet Victorious

 When God closes a door, He opens a window.

This sword I wield
with strength and skill
This shield I hold,
Humble and ready

I prepare for battle
With hope of victory
I think on my foe,
Great and clever

I wear my armor
With unheard prayers
I astride my horse,
White as a gleaming pearl

Chills touch my heart
With icy fury
Nerves wrack my frame,
Wild and frenzied

I charge into battle
With fear hidden deep
I roar a battle cry
Mighty and berserk

Suddenly in the mud
With blood and screams
Thunder clashes; I've failed...
So completely...

I'm slipping from this world
With despair and acceptance...
I feel an odd sensation
Flying, yet pulled back...

My eyes flutter slightly
With weak curiosity,
But I'm gone once more,
Horror filled slumber

Jolting, I awake
With shouts and alarm!
But I'm in a safe place...
Resting and healing...

Others glance my way
With shakes of their heads
Their eyes show their meaning
Sad disappointment.....

I am crippled
With a door that God has shut
I am broken
No longer whole and free and gallant

Will I take this closed door to heart
With depression and shame?
Shall I give up this relentless fight,
falling into desperation?

Nay, I'll hold fast to what I have left
With true and pure happiness...
Nay, I'll rise up every time a door has shut,
Taking advantage of the open window!


  1. Very nice, with a good message.

    Check your email, by the way.

  2. Oh this is a poem beyond epica! It's so magnificent in it's meaning and the truth's that it holds. You are brilliant dear Skyril. This is a masterpiece!

  3. Thanks, guys! :D
    Especially, Kallista!
    I couldn't possibly have begun poetry without the inspiration of you guys! ^.^

    Will do, Everisse!

  4. Awesome Skyril! I really love it. You are such a great poet!


  5. Beautiful. Amazing work, extremely descriptive. No criticism needed, just like every other Epica writer on the blogs. :D

    Keep up the awesome poetry, but I long for your fanfic as well xD

  6. It's a wonderful poem Skyril, perfect for a sad day when you think the mental rain just won't stop. It makes me feel much more happy and open minded~ Thank you for making my day so much better! :D

  7. Beautiful, Skyril. Very uplifting.