Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fan-fiction part seven

Mordoc clench his fists and grabbed a syringe from his coat, plunging into his arm. Skulduggery saw all of this too. Then Mordoc, muscles relaxing, looked up to stare with loathing at the skeleton detective. Skulduggery yelled, "Go now!" 
He gave Mordoc one last look before forcing the other two out of the building as all but Mordoc ripped their flesh off.

Skulduggery drove. Vampires bounded after them like panthers closing in on their prey. No one spoke as the engine roared down the deserted road. Mar, who had turned human again as they ran to the car, and Israel sat with slightly shocked and slightly horror-struck features. "Is she dead?" Whispered Mar. No one had to ask whom Mar was speaking of.
"I don't know," replied Skulduggery. "But if she isn't, she'll be a full fledged vampire in two days."
"So what are we going to do?" Israel asked, a tad harsh, but who could blame him? He had just seen his good friend's blood drunk by a vampire. Skulduggery took no offense, "Well first," the car swerved sharply around close-quarters bend, the vampire closest behind them, whose claw was centimeters from the taillight, couldn't spin around fast enough and crashed into the wall. Skulduggery continued, "First we need to find that boy with the crazy hair."
"You mean Fletcher," said Valkyrie, no sign of question in her voice. She whipped out her phone.
"Then we need to heal our wounds as best as possible with those silly Sanctuary doctors. Lastly," his head dipped a fraction. "We need to visit an old acquaintance of mine."


"Get up."
She stands up, neck torn and  blood splattered on her dark green shirt. Mordoc gives her another instruction. Lizzy doesn't really hear it. Everything is drowned out as if she's underwater. She knows what to do nonetheless. Her eyes are clouded. All she can see is something of a deep fog, although there is no fog there. She takes a step, then another. She knows she's outside. She doesn't know how she knows that, although she really doesn't think into it much. She doesn't even think it worth a shrug. Light from above shines down on her. Must be the moon, she thinks. It seems so bright. She doesn't like the light, suddenly. She found it so beautiful before, but not now. There's a man. He's reflecting, shining. and glowing white. Lizzy cringes and looks away. There must have been more instructions because she has a new mission to do. A new task that must be completed. To her, it's of the utmost of importance. To anyone else, 'twould simply be a long and wearisome walk. She would not let anything get in her way. She would not let anyone run off screaming of her ripped neck. She would kill anyone in her path. She would walk all night till her feet bled through her shoes. And she would reach her destination before sunrise.
Or she would kill herself.


Mordoc smiled that awful smile of his at his newest recruit as she disappeared around the corner. Then, turning, leaped atop the the old warehouse and falls down gracefully into the woods behind it. A moment later, out he accelerates, breaking all speed limits by far, on a gleaming silver and white, red splattered motorcycle, coat tails underneath the gleaming armor on his chest whipping out behind him from the wind.


The dungeon was dark and dank and damp and dim and many other unpleasant words starting with D, for truly, this was not a pleasant place. There was not even one window to let in some sunshine. The only light came from three naked and flickering light bulbs, dangling weakly from above. They were far apart and down the middle row of  cells. They hardly cast off enough light for one to see his hand in front of his face. Water from the driving rain outside seeped through cracks in the ceiling, making everything wet and even more sticky than before when it was only uncomfortably hot. Rats scuttled in the corners, sniffing about for some morsels to fill their starving and scrawny bellies They would find nothing edible. A putrid smell of wastes and decaying creatures wafted through the place and mocked the paltry attempts of the fresh air as it tried to slip in here and there. The cells themselves held nothing but grime covered stone walls, puddles of black water, and their nearly hopeless prisoners.
The new boy, Michelle soon discovered, was Lizzy's brother, who is known to her as Halo. His usually spiky brown hair is floppy with the damp and his green eyes look a bit dim as he, she, and the rest of their prison mates sit huddled closely on the highest bit of ground in their little cell. It didn't help a lot, but it helped a bit anyway. The rest of her mates were Susan, to her left with dirt streaked orange died hair, she'd never been on Derek Landy's blog, Steve on her right with charcoal hair, he hadn't been on the blog either, and lastly, across from her, was Dragona. Her great friend from online. 
The other cells on all sides of them held many others. They'd communicated a few times, both sides trying to cheer up the others. Sometimes, when things were really low, they'd reach through the rusty bars, hold hands, and weep, but other times, the better times, they would talk a bit and maybe sing or hum a few hymns.
Uncountable comrades and new developed friends had been taken- shrieking and weeping and cursing their captors- to above. No one knew exactly what happened up there, but they sure as ever knew it was not fun. None of those in the dungeons had ever escaped the sound of tortured screams coming soon after.
But not for much longer. Black haired Michelle and brown eyed Dragona had a plan. A glint appeared in her bluish green eyes as a mischievous smile crept onto her face.


  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! BRILLIANT Skyril! I LOVE IT!! This is fantastic writing! Cried as I read the account of my good friend Lizzy.
    *chokes back another sob*
    This is THRILLING Skyril! I can't wait for more.
    Thanks for posting!

  2. EPICAAAA! Awesome xD

    I love it, perfectly written, especially the part about the dungeon. I can't wait to see how Kallista and Dragona escape :] amazing work, yet again.


    I think it's kinda confusing calling Kallista Michelle, it screws up my mind! *stumbles around in confusion* LOL

  4. Hang on, let me work this out. Kallista's real name is Michelle, Michelle is in this story with me in a dungeon... Michelle = Kallista... Yey I have it! *isn't confused any more*

  5. So...Michelle is Kallista?


    Cuz first I thought- IS SHE GONNE EXPARIMENT ON THEM?!, But I was like the why is she in a cell?


    Then I read these comments here and found out it was Kallista~


    Michelle is Kal, right?

    Right! Ok! LOVE IT!



  7. NO LIZZY!
    oh noes.... I'm in a dungeon....


    I must escape!*flushes self down toilet to escape dungeon*

  8. LOL brother :P

    YAYZ! I'M ALL DEAD! *brick'd* This is awesome as always Skyril! i can't wait for MOAR~!

  9. Awesome Skyril!


    Can't wait for more! I need to know what happens!

  10. *camps out at Skyril's blog until she write another part*

    *glares tearfully at SP for leaving Lizzy alone to her fate*


    *shakes fist angrily*

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