Friday, May 27, 2011

Kallista is the best

My name is Charity, aka Skyril Oblivion, and I'm here in the hope that Kallista's parents will see this at some point so they can see that I, and many others, as I do believe you will soon see, think the WORLD of Kallista! There's no way whatsoever that she could possibly be a bad influence on us. It's not in her nature. She's EXACTLY the opposite, actually. Words can't say how sad I'd be to never see my amazing friend again. Please.... PLEASE let her come on here as you did before... Please do it, knowing that it will make dozens, all across the world, extremely happy.


  1. Skyril, can you please put link to this at the biorama, in the comments section of the latest post there.

  2. Hello.
    Could u read a short story OF DOOM!!! Ahem. That I wrote? I need some feedback BADLY!