Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ruler of the World

Author's Note:
First off, I don't think I'll be doing a sequel. :P
Second, this is a special post for Kallista who technically requested some such as this from Lizzy, but it was just too fun for me to resist. :3

The Great Queen sighed and leaned back in her thrown, placing her delicate hand to her forehead wearily. Ruling the world was such tiresome work. She removed her hand, sat up in her seat, and spoke, "My dear boy, who would ever choose orange curtains over that luxurious, deep, and beautiful purple?" The red haired, freckled "boy" of 21 was, in fact, a boy compared to the queen, who was... well, we shan't mention her.... experienced age to the world, as she only looks to be about 20 and very much likes it that way.
The boy stuttered, nervous to be under the gaze of the Magnificent Queen Kallista Pendragon herself. "I'm s-so sorry. I'll fix it right away, Miss- I mean Madame- er Queen Ma'am..." Queen Kallista tilted her head slightly and crossed her booted legs. Her ruffled skirt and draping sleeves were of the finest silks. She quite liked them. She thought for a moment that she must request more from her good friend Ghastly. He, of course, would mutter and growl about how busy he was, but would be secretly be thrilled to make some clothes for the Queen. She smiled, then came back to the current moment as she looked down from her thrown to the boy named Freddie. "Freddie, my dear, relax, and call me 'your Majesty' please."
"Yes, of course, you Majesty. Please forgive me." He lowered his head in shame. Good Queen Kallista couldn't bear the sight, so stood from her perch and stepped down to place her hand on the shoulder of Freddie. "Don't fret, child. Now, would you please do me a favor and change those awful curtains for me as soon as possible?" Freddie raised his eyes a tiny bit, and Kallista smiled that beautiful smile of hers to put the boy at ease. It worked. "Yes, your Majesty," he said, delighted. "I will have those curtains to the royal purple you deserve before the day is out!" He thrust his arm in the air as a heroic stance. Kallista chuckled and waved the boy out.
She returned to her comfy thrown seat and thought, "Now let's see..., I've taken care of the curtains, had tea, laughed haughtily at my enemies... what's next on my list of things to do for the day?"
"Ah yes, " she spoke allowed to her little kitten, Puppy, who had just entered the room.
"Time to save the world."


  1. LOL
    I love it Skyril! You are BRILLIANT!
    Great writing! BRAVO my good friend!
    I hope Ann posts her story on her blog too. Both these storys are worth being read over and over again! :D
    *turns away slightly to deviously plot ways to make Skyril do a sequel*

  2. Yours is way funnier. I love it.

  3. LOL, this is awesome! short but sweet and very well written! great job! *glomps*

  4. LOL, this rocks! Nicely written too!

    "I would give it 10 out of 10, but that's kinda lame 'cause I go all the way to the top, so instead I give it 9.9 out of 10 so as to remain epic"-Kenny Lakinson