Friday, May 13, 2011

Miscellaneous pics!

These are photos from my trip and brother's graduation. :]
Randomly displayed.....
Although I probably WILL have a caption under each explaining it.... But I think you'll still be like... why did she post a picture of so-in-so? :P

Oooooo! A wooooorrrrm!

This was town we passed that got hit by a tornado 45 minutes away from the hotel we'd stayed in the night before.

Dozens of 18 wheelers down there and on the side of the road that had been thrown all about and practically shredded!

Ain't that perdy? :P 'Tis the morning after the bad weather we'd had the night before

Another picture of the sky! Yaaaaaay!

LOL An image on the wall at a Very interesting restaurant we went to called Cootie Brown's

My brother and all of his friends! Can you guess which one he is? :]

The graduates!

The amazing Sith Lords!

... Or perhaps they're from Hogwarts :P :D

The entrance to the Christmas Inn! [a special hotel in a special city called Pigeon Forge]

A fireplace inside our room! O.o Awesome-sauce!

The Statue of Burgers!!

Javachip frappuccino from Starbucks. Aw yeah! :P

And that is the end! A happy ending, I do believe! :P
What? You think there were too many pics??
Well, then you better be glad I didn't post all almost 200 of them! I take a lot of pictures...


  1. LOL Awesome photos Skyril! I love the funny pics of your brother and friends!
    Lovely photos of the sky and Inn. Wish I could go there.
    Love all the rest too. Thanks fo rposting!

  2. awesome pics! the statute of burgers is funny :) its sort of scary seeing all of the 18 wheelers on their sides, i'm glad you're ok *hugs*

  3. LOL the statue of burgers is funny!!!

  4. lol, i bet he's the one with the green medal!


    awww....I've never been to Starbucks!

    I have just been set a new mission in life!


  5. You're right, Nyx!
    ~throws confetti~
    Yaaaay! :]

    And Starbucks is AWESOME! So your mission is a good and... gallant one! :P

  6. Awesome pictures! I love Starbucks~